We are a reindeer herding family in Swedish Lapland. We live and operate throughout northern Lapland, starting in the middle of the nature reserve Torneträsk-Soppero mountain forest, which is located north of the city of Kiruna in Norrbotten County. We are the only recognized indigenous people in Europe and the Nordic countries. The area that has historically been inhabited by our ancestors for generations is called Sápmi and it includes parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. During your visit with us, you get a personal genuine experience of Lapland, which makes your smile shine the rest of the year. Here in the heart of Sápmi you can become a reindeer herder for a day. You can go reindeer sledding on day trips or in the evening under the northern lights, feed the reindeer and eat delicious food. You are invited to be a part of our everyday and real life. A professional Sámi reindeer herder will introduce you to their reindeer in their home environment, genuine without commercialism. One hour after you have left the urban life behind you, you will be in a completely different environment where reindeer and nature are at the center. The main purpose of the Sami people is to make sure that the reindeer feel good. The pace of life here is governed by nature's own laws and seasons beyond the stress of the outside world. The eight seasons of the Sami people govern everyday tasks, so it fits into the needs of the reindeer when they wander between the deep coniferous forests and the barren alpine landscapes of the highlands. This is a region where people are few and the animals rule. Exciting things are happening in the northernmost part of Lapland above the Scandinavian Arctic Circle, just beyond the city of Kiruna. Your stay can be memorable, restful and at the same time refreshing for body and soul. Something to take with you into the future.